PurusAnalytics offers Business Intelligence, Analytics and Modeling resources plus Forecasting, Estimating, Financial Management and Operations expertise.

New web and mobile technologies are coming online faster than ever, and digital technologies are changing how businesses sell, operate and perform. Companies that adapt to this new landscape maintain or gain share and improve revenues and profits. Those that don't are quickly overtaken by more digital savvy competitors.

Data about markets, sales, customers, and competitors is readily available yet is often disjointed and ambiguous. Most managers want to see it some other way! PurusAnalytics extracts, transforms and loads these disconnected and raw databases to reveal opportunities for profit and growth. Using business intelligence tools, PurusAnalytics turns data into optimized, focused and timely key performance indicators, scorecards, dashboards and reports. And with analytics, PurusAnalytics enhances what-if analysis, data mining, forecasting, insight and decision making. Altogether, this leads to competitive advantages, higher sales, better pricing, optimized sales organizations, operations and distribution and lower costs.

Michael Wigon, principal of PurusAnalytics, is a financial executive with over 30 years of experience. He's adept at tackling financial, operational, information reporting and systems challenges with a strong emphasis on business intelligence and analytics. Michael also has extensive experience with new business and product development working with marketing, sales, content and production.