• Reporting Challenge: CEO and Executive Ad Council required comprehensive advertising revenue information which included print and digital ad revenue data by cluster, brand, account and agency and complete market share analysis.
  • Solutions: Built executive dashboard consolidating print and digital revenue and key performance indicators across Time, CNN and AMEX. Included Market Share KPI’s and Media Industry Newsletter (min) statistics.

    This was the first time top management could see all advertising results and metrics consistently represented in one document.
  • Data Transformation Challenge: Advertising print and digital data was inconsistent across Time Inc, AMEX and CNN.
  • Solutions: Built process to extract, transform and load data for all print and digital data sources into a data warehouse enabling reports and estimates at the customer account level.

    This was the first time management, analysts, sales reps and clients could see total spend by client across media and revenue silos and led to the creation of the corporate sales estimating system – see next.
  • Estimating Challenge: Corporate Sales management needed estimated print and digital revenue at the account/brand levels and by sales rep.
  • Solutions: Transformed and consolidated Time Inc, AMEX and CNN data for top 100 corporate accounts and integrated into a customized sales estimating system. System gave reps historical revenue and market share tracked by account/brand. Created customized top level Sales Scorecard for senior managment.

    Process enabled sales reps estimate revenues by corporate accounts across all media and revenue silos. Management and analysts had a clearer picture of results and estimates for planning, compensation and customer proposal purposes.
  • Pricing Challenge: Corporate proposal process was manual, time consuming, inconsistent and too often late. Sales were lost because of the inability to address client requests fast enough.
  • Solutions: Created a pricing model that took minutes to complete, providing increased accuracy and consistency. Analysts simply described the special unit dimensions and selected the pubs, editions and key components resulting in immediate pricing.

    Final proposals were done in hours, rather than weeks. They could be modified immediately to meet the client’s requirement resulting in enhanced sales and market share.
  • Strategic Organization Challenge: Time Inc was losing share of smaller accounts. Corporate Sales proposed a pilot Inside Sales effort to target these smaller accounts, but it needed to know who the accounts were, how much was being sold and by whom within each cluster and publication.
  • Solutions: Built a data warehouse of print and digital data down to the sales rep level and provided data mining and analytics to identify the optimal pilot program of publications, reps and accounts.

    Effort led to the creation of the Inside Sales pilot program.
  • Buying Agency Information Challenge: Corporate management needed to know what and how much top agencies were buying from Time Inc. Time Inc. systems captured the bill-to agency, not the Buying Agency.
  • Solutions: Mapped accounts to their “Buying” agencies using an outside database. This enabled Time Inc. management to know what and how much each Buying Agency was currently and historically buying.

    The effort gave Time Inc. management insight and advantage in negotiations with the agencies.