• Revenue Declines and Lost Profitability: Aviation Week was an early casualty of the advertising downturn. Reaching a low in the early 90’s and recognizing that advertising would not come back to its previous level, the magazine needed to transform itself into a multi-media franchise for added revenue, lower costs and improved productivity.
  • Multimedia Solutions: Helped plan and launch and managed AW&ST multi-media expansion including conferences, merchandising and e-commerce channels, reprints, books, and electronic media including TV, Video, Internet, Digital Magazines, and Chinese and Russian magazine joint ventures.
  • Productivity and Cost Containment Solutions: Rebuilt Business and Production office organization and redesigned financial and production procedures for enhance productivity and controls. Implemented new Advertising Order system reducing errors and improving sales information. Implemented Production Layout System enabling faster and later closes and reducing make goods. Implemented new bindery technology enabling demographic editions for better competitive advantage.
  • Best Practices Solutions: Implemented new Editorial Desktop Publishing Systems and workflow procedures, Oracle OFA OLAP Budgeting and Reporting systems, MSG and Admarc Advertising Billing and Information Systems, Impoze Production System, Selective Binding and Inkjet, Siebel CRM Admarc integration, Lawson Financial Suite, new Commission System, Sarbanes Oxley Section 404 Compliance, Conversion to new Circ Fulfillment System.

    Overall efforts contributed to +16% Net Operating Income compounded average growth over 15 year period.
  • New Product Development Challenge: Publisher asked for a way to tap into the aviation enthusiast market to open new revenue streams.
  • Solution: Conceived, built team, planned and created Aviation Week's co-branded credit card with unique aspirational rewards – a first in the industry.