Projects include Reporting, Data Transformation, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Financial Operations, Estimating Systems, Pricing, Strategic Planning, Cost Containment, Best Practices, New Product Development and Systems challenges for a variety of large and small companies.


Worked closely with senior management and department heads in all financial aspects of Subscription Acquisition and Retention and Newsstand and Digital Newsstand. Added value to the CR circulation finance function of the $125 million publishing unit by building key executive reports and dashboards, providing analytics support and building solutions for marketing operating, reporting and budgeting processes. See More »


Built executive dashboard consolidating print and digital revenue and key performance indicators across Time, CNN and AMEX. Built process to extract, transform and load data for all print and digital data sources into a data warehouse enabling reports and estimates at the customer account level. Created a pricing model that took minutes to complete, providing increased accuracy and consistency. See More »


Retooled the Ad Order Entry System across all magazine units resulting in better control, consistency, fewer billing and production errors and increased productivity. Built an advertising data warehouse and used advanced Excel Business Analytics and Intelligence to provide finance, production and sales managers with accurate, timely and customized advertising information. See More »


Helped plan, launch and manage AW&ST multi-media expansion including conferences, merchandising and e-commerce channels, reprints, books, and electronic media including TV, Video, Internet, Digital Magazines, and Chinese and Russian magazine joint ventures. See More »


Created consolidated Chart of Accounts for major multi-brand magazine publisher. Designed and implemented A/R, Credit/Collection publishing systems for Direct Sales Book publishing operation. See More »