PurusAnalytics provides Financial Operations, Business Analytics and Intelligence and services including:

  • Financial Operations: Planning, Budgets, Estimates, Variance Analysis procedures, Cash Flow Management, Financial Controls including Sarbanes Oxley 404, Business Office procedures, G/L and new Chart of Accounts.
  • Business Analytics and Intelligence: Analyze BI and BA requirements and resources, select and implement appropriate tools and best practices. Define and build Data Warehouses, Data Mining, Query, Recaps, Scorecards, Dashboards, Charts and KPI's.
  • Financial Models: Provide Excel Models to support Strategic Planning, New Product Development, Business Profitability Simulation and Pro Formas. Advanced Excel 2003 and 2007 Functions, Charting and Pivot Tables.
  • Transactional Databases: Fix Order Entry, Billing, Sales Information, CRM and Financial Systems resulting in clean, consistent and accurate transaction databases.
  • Extract Transform and Load: Integrate multiple revenue databases for a complete picture of customers and what they’re buying.
  • Market Share Reporting: Integrate market intelligence and competitive data with internal sales data and incorporate into business intelligence reporting.
  • Sales Compensation Plans: Design sales incentive plans consistent with business objectives.
  • Commission Systems: Accurately pay sales reps and integrate with the sales compensation planning and reporting processes.
  • Pricing: Help standardize pricing and create models for swift and accurate proposals.